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Freestones are here!

The freestones have started arriving from the orchard! We currently have the Harvester variety at the stand. Redglobe, Loring and Majestic will be coming up in the next two weeks. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, this has been an exceptionally hot and dry season. The total crop size is much smaller than normal, as are the individual peaches. But don't worry, they're packed with flavor! We will update on more varieties as we get closer! Bring on summer!!! Open seven days a week 8am-6pm

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3 Kommentare

15. Juli 2022

I saw the post about ordering peach trees for next year...I'd like one of each of the 4 varieties! Thank you!

Gefällt mir
15. Juli 2022
Antwort an

Excellent! I’ll get details to you ASAP!

Gefällt mir

04. Juli 2022

Any idea when you will pick Majestic??

Gefällt mir
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