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Peach Varieties
Ripening Dates


Remember, these are just estimates.  Mother Nature decides when the peaches are ready, and we always listen to our mother!


FlavorRich      May 10

dark red, firm, pigmented flesh with yellow/red, large size for early variety

CaroRed        May 15

medium-small, yellowish crimson red over reddish yellow ground color

Regal            May 15

very sweet, large for a cling early

JuneGold       May 20

flesh is yellow, juicy, delicious

GoldPrince     May 20


Sentinel         June 1

large, red blush over yellow, fuzzy, ridge on side

Gala             June 7


Harvester       June 15

medium large, yellow flesh, firm, highly colored

Blazeprince    June 15

medium-large, scarlet red skin with yellow flesh, very good flavor

Loring           July 1

large, round, firm, yellow flesh, red blushed skin color, sweet

Redglobe       July 1

large, round, blushed red skin, gold, firm, yellow flesh, excellent sweetness

Majestic        July 1

very large, round, yellow flesh, red skin

Dixieland       July 15

good color, large to very large, great taste, pointed bottom, yellow flesh

Redskin          July 15

large freestone, red color and yellow flesh all-purpose excellent flavor

RustonRed      July 15


JerseyQueen   July 20

large, round, juicy & have a downy yellowish-red skin

FlamePrince    July 25

medium to large, firm, yellow flesh, crimson red with greenish-yellow ground color

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